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What works best for Joint Pain?

My name is Rhonda Morgan, and I’ve got over 10 years experience evaluating arthritis and joint pain remedy treatments.  During that time, I’ve seen many come and go.  I’ve seen fads fade, and miracles exposed.  The fact of the matter is, the truly effective pain relievers endure, and this is one of the best ways to evaluate.  If it has been working for thousands of people for lots of years, then there certainly is some merit to that product.  Remember, consumers still decide what products survive, and which don’t, and over the last ten years we’ve seem more than a few suddenly just disappear from the market. We’ve evaluated the ones that have stood the test of time and offer our results here.

What causes arthritic Joint Pain?

Before you can make a determination of what will best help relieve your arthritis or joint pain, it is essential to understand what causes it.  While aging is the common reason for joint pain, it is not the only reason. Joint pain is the result of stiff or worn cartilage connecting two or more bones together, and this can happen at any age, especially in this era of active adults. Stiffness coupled with inflammation triggers joint pain.  The deterioration of cartilage in joints may explain the loss of flexibility and increased stiffness that many people experience in their weight-bearing joints, such as knees and hips. Chronic joint symptoms are the leading cause of disability in people 18 and over. So if you don’t bounce out of bed like you used to, or if the staircase is not the only thing creaking when you climb the stairs, you may be quick to dismiss it as part of the aging process. But if those creaking joints are accompanied by sharp and/or radiating pain in your knees, ankles, back, shoulders or any place where two or more bones connect, the condition may require more attention. These conditions are not only painful to live with but cause a significant decrease in one’s quality of life and daily activities. You may find it difficult to take part in your favorite activities such as gardening, golf, or simply enjoying a walk in the park. You do have options and there are alternatives for you to consider.

When do joint problems usually begin?

Joint problems generally begin to manifest in the second and third decades. General medical opinion indicates that by age 40 most people will have some damage to the weight bearing joints of the ankles, knees, hips and spine. Most individuals, however, are unaware of the joint damage because they are still symptom-free at this point. If preventative measures are not taken to maintain healthy joints, severe joint damage may occur resulting in arthritis and joint pain that can hamper quality of life. Currently this damage is most evident in the population by age 70. Fortunately, science is now focusing in areas other than “traditional Western medicine” and real therapeutic potential is being discovered in many herbs, chemical compounds and other substances sold as “dietary supplements”. If you are tempted to try a joint supplement you are not alone. Whether you are interested in all things “natural”, want to avoid side effects from prescription drugs, or want to explore other areas in your quest for pain relief, you are set to join many others who have used a dietary supplement in the past six months.

How do you choose a product?

Joint supplements are becoming a viable option for those suffering from joint pain. There are vast differences between joint support products. Despite their popularity – not all joint supplements are created equally. Why? Many times it is hard to differentiate one product from the next – that is unless you have done your homework. It is a scientific fact that not all joint supplements can achieve the same level of results or produce the same level of positive outcome that you are looking for. The quality, efficacy, and potency of products within the industry vary from poor to outstanding. How can one make the most informed decision? The choices on the market are overwhelming. We looked at the most current scientific research and established a list of criteria that makes a joint product outstanding. We looked at essential ingredients for decreasing joint pain, promoting joint, cartilage and tissue regeneration. We took into consideration the ability to prevent recurring damage, to promote joint mobility and flexibility. Then we looked at the quality of ingredients used in each product, including where the product is made.  And finally, we took into consideration public company information, including length of time in business, BBB rating, quality of Customer Service plus Consumer Reviews. The outcome indicates that many products marketed lack the key ingredients necessary to even positively improve joint function. See our evaluation below displaying the products that we feel are your best options for maintaining healthy joint support.

Rank Image Brand Maintain Joint Cartilage and Tissue Integrity Support for Joint Mobility and Joint Function Bioavailability and Absorption In The Body Helps Joints From Incurring Further Damage Joint Pain Relief Learn More
1 Flexcin #1 Joint Pain Remedy Review Flexcin® Superior Superior Superior Superior Yes Learn More
2 Zymosine Joint Pain Remedy Review Zymosine Superior Excellent Excellent Excellent Yes Learn More
3 Joint Advance Joint Pain Remedy Review Joint Advance Very Good Very Good Very Good Good Yes Learn More
4 Rhumatol Joint Pain Remedy Review Rhumatol Very Good Good Good Good Yes Learn More
5 JointEase Plus Joint Pain Remedy Review Joint Ease Plus Good Good Very Good Very Good Yes Learn More
6 Trigosamine Joint Pain Remedy Review Trigosamine Excellent Very Good Very Good Very Good Yes Learn More
7 OsteoBiFlex Joint Pain Remedy Review Osteo Bi Flex Good Excellent Very Good Very Good Yes Learn More
8 Flexamin Joint Pain Relief Review Flex-A-Min Very Good Good Very Good Good Yes Learn More
9 Supple joint pain drink Supple Good Very Good Very Good Good Yes Learn More
10 Tripleflex Joint Pain Remedy Review Triple Flex Very Good Good Good Good Yes Learn More
11 FlexProtex-D Joint Pain Remedy Review FlexProtex-D Good Good Good Good No Learn More
12 Eazol Joint Pain Remedy Review Eazol Good Good Good Good No Learn More
13 Cosamin Joint Pain Remedy Review Cosamin-DS Good Good Good Fair Yes Learn More
14 Zyflamend Joint Pain Remedy Review Zyflamend Good Very Good Fair Good No Learn More
15 Arthro7 Joint Pain Remedy Review Arthro 7 Very Good Very Good Fair Fair No Learn More
16 Elations Joint Pain Drink Review Elations Good Good Good Fair Yes Learn More
17 Vital 3 Joint Pain Remedy Review Vital 3 Very Good Good Fair Fair No Learn More
18 Flexanol Joint Pain Remedy Review Flexanol Fair Good Good Good No Learn More
19 Joint Juice Joint Pain Remedy Review Joint Juice Good Fair Good Fair No Learn More
20 Celadrin Joint Pain Remedy Review Celadrin Fair Good Fair Fair No Learn More
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